Thank you to the amazing cast and Creative team of Acis and Galatea

Photo by Dan Norman

Photo by Dan Norman

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Siena Forest - Galatea

David Walton - Acis

Andrew Wilkowske - Polyphemus 

Tricia VanEe Molbert, Sahar Hassan, Eric Mellum, Charlie Aldrich, Stefan Egerstrom - Ensemble

Andrew Abbott, Christopher Bauleke, Timothy Embretson, Dominique Wooten - Masked Docents 


David Lefkowich - Stage Director 

Lara Bolton - Music Director, Accompanist

Bryon Wilson - Accompanist 

David Lefkowich, Ashley Pollard, Christopher Verdosci - Production Design

Brandon Smith - Audio Engineer

Jim Berman - Concept and Art Direction (Posters)

Noah Eisenberg, Jim Berman - Producers

Dan Norman - Photography

Jacob Froman, Molly Froman, Jim Lutz, Christina Rothstein, Jay Molter - Volunteers

Special Thanks

 Wells Pianos, A-Mill Artist Lofts, Fulton Brewery, Prairie Organic Spirits, Jennifer Caprio, Maryland Opera Studio, Mill City Museum, Minnesota Opera 


from the StarTribune

By following singers around the A-Mill, ticket buyers will be treated to an up-close-and-personal experience, Lefkowich said. ‘Going to a conventional opera house or theater is an exciting endeavor, but seeing an opera in a former flour mill as you walk through these cool spaces is unique.’

With Out of the Box Opera, Lefkowich previously staged opera shows in an art museum and at a boxing gym. And he could see the delight on audience members’ faces, he said. ‘Watching them experiencing it in an immersive situation is unlike anything I have ever seen. People’s faces light up.’

Thrilled by that extra level of emotional interaction, he aims for more of the same with ‘Acis and Galatea.’

’I think we’ve had too many experiences where people are falling asleep at the opera,’ he said. ‘This production doesn’t allow that. The sound will be all around you, you will be standing next to the singers, there’s no sense of distance at all. It’ll be action-packed from start to finish.’
— Terry Blain


“The opera was an abbreviated version of Handel’s Acis and Galatea. Adapted from a tale in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, it tells of a sea nymph named Galatea who falls in love with a mortal shepherd named Acis. Meanwhile Polyphemus, the cyclops son of the god Poseidon, is in love with her. The “Happy we” song of the lovers is followed by Polyphemus’ jealous rage, the murder of Acis, Galatea’s grief and her realization (thanks to a reminder from the chorus) that she has the divine power to make Acis immortal by turning him into a fountain.”


A-Mill Lobby

“Out of the Box and its artistic director, David Lefkowich, are all about changing the experience of opera. So this was Handel presented in a new way. The first scene, Acis and Galatea’s engagement party, took place in the airy, artsy A-Mill lobby, with the singers weaving through the audience.”


The Stone Atrium

“The second, in which Polyphemus rants and fumes, was set in a high-ceilinged brick and stone room (an old storage bin?). Polyphemus played a mean electric guitar; a nod to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” brought laughs from the crowd.”

“Overheard on one of the elevators that moved us from scene to scene: “This is fun. We’ve never been to an opera before.” That’s what Out of the Box wants: new, curious ears.”


Hydro Power Tunnel

“The third scene, in which Acis meets his end, occurred in the A-Mill’s underground tunnels, reached by metal stairs.”



“For the fourth, we went to the rooftop with its million-dollar views of the Minneapolis skyline and the Pillsbury’s Best Flour neon sign. As the wind whipped the flames in the metal firepit, Galatea sang of drying her tears.”


Sold Out

“The singing was beautiful, with soprano Siena Forest, tenor David Walton and baritone Andrew Wilkowske as the main characters. Hearing a trained voice from five feet away is thrilling. All three performances sold out; each was limited to 60.”

Photos by Dan Norman


Costumes by Christopher Verdosci

Acis Costume Rendering.jpeg
Acis Costume Rendering.jpeg
Galatea Costume Rendering.jpeg